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Nordblast Sodablasting for cleaning refurbishing or cleaning parts on cars, boats or caravans

Environmentally friendly Sodablasting is ideal for most cleaning jobs around the home, refurbishing or cleaning parts of cars and other vehicles, maintaining properties, or overhauling boats or caravans.

Soda blast pistol for home use - both hobby and professional

The NB Home Sodablasting Gun is suitable for both hobby and professional use!


Surface Finishing Poster

Surface finishing standards worldwide


Campbell machinery have produced a surface finishing poster which has all the worldwide blast cleaning standards in photographic format and corresponding Swedish and American standards

This poster is available free to blast cleaning customers who contact us or send us their name and contact details requesting a copy.



Blast medias and blasting abrasives

At Campbell Machinery we stock a wide range of blast cleaning and surface texturing abrasives from aluminum oxide grits in white , pink and brown in all grades to glass beads, steel shot, steel and chilled iron grit, plastic stripping media, soda blast, garnet, and silicon carbide.



New Products

We keep up with the latest developments in blasting equipment so you don't have to.




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We are Ireland's largest supplier and stockist of blast cleaning, surface finishing and thermal spraying equipment.


Campbell Machinery are now the agents in Ireland
for the high quality Guyson owned
Kerry Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment



At Campbell Machinery we offer blast cleaning and finishing solutions for a vast range of surface finishing applications. We can help you select the most appropriate system for your particular needs, whether a basic manual blast cabinet or a fully automated shot peening system, we can offer a system suitable for your application.



OMSG are the world leader in the design and manufacture of airless shot blast, shot-peening machines and machine systems.

OMSG Ireland. Airless shot blast, shot-peening machines and machine systems.The applications of OMSG blast machines cover many industries and have built up invaluable experience.



Guyson manufactures 'Kerry' ultrasonic precision cleaning and degreasing equipment for many applications.

Guyson Kerry Range of  Ultrasonic Cleaning EquipmentKerry ultrasonic cleaning equipment includes both aqueous and solvent systems.




Guyson bead and grit blasting equipment includes an industrial and economy range of suction and pressure blast equipment, standard and custom built blast cabinets, automatic blast cabinets, both manually and robotically fed along with a wide range of glass beads, Guyson blast cabinetsaluminum oxide grits, plastic abrasive, and spares are all readily available.




Airblast produce a large range of professional mobile pressure blast pots with dead mans handles, blast helmets, nozzles, pipe blasters and a wide selection of Airblast blast potsaccessories.

A full range of Airblast surface treatment equipment is available.



Powerblast manufacture a range of standard and custom built mobile and stationary blast cleaning rooms, automatic and semi-automatic abrasive recovery floors, screw conveyors, bucket Blast cleaning roomselevators and dust collectors for all size rooms.



The Marr / Guyson range of aqueous washers contains fully automatic basket and conveyorised tunnel washers and degreasers.

A selection of standard equipment is also supported by their ability to prodAqueous washersuce specific bespoke machinery.



Vapormatt designs and manufactures manual and automatic surface cleaning, peening and finishing machines using the Vapormatt Surface cleaning, peening and finishing machinesVaporblasting wet blast and high pressure water systems.







Metallisation are the market leaders in thermal spraying equipment covers everything from flame spraying, arc spraying, HVOF and plasma spraying.

Thermal spraying equipmentFrom high-tech applications to standard anti-corrosion protection with a large range of thermal spray wires, zinc, aluminum, etc.



Cryonomics is at the forefront of Dry Ice blast cleaning technology.

Dry Ice blast cleaningWith unique patenened single and double hose machine options Cryonomics is leader in non-abrading surface cleaning technology.




Electronics Inc. is the world leader in shot peening control and measurement, Almen strips, Almen gauges, magna flowShot peening control and measurement control valves and flap peening equipment.






Boride blast cleaning nozzles utilise high spec nozzle technology to give superior performance.

Blast cleaning nozzlesWith a range of laval flow, double venturi, bazooka, and wet blast nozzles available in boron carbide, tungsten carbide and silicon nitrite every application is catered for.




Blasting safety helmetsRPB Safety has become a leading manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment.

RPB blast helmets combine breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort, convenience, and safety. Designed to optimise safety, productivity, and minimise downtime.