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Pressure blasting





Tips for air blasting

While a standard 19mm I.D. compressed air hose is adequate to run a pressure blastpot, a 1 1/4" supply hose will give the blaster a far better performance.


Tips for air blasting

Ceramic blast nozzles are cheap but a carbide nozzle will give a longer life and will give considerable cost savings over time.



AIRBLAST - Safety Equipment



Xtreme Blast Helmet
Panorama Blast Helmet
Nova Blast Helmet


Campbell Machinery is now able to supply the industry’s most comprehensive range of Personal Protection Equipment from Airblast. In any situation that operators have to work in, personal safety must be of paramount importance, in order to maintain productivity and operator comfort.


The range of Airblast Personal Protective Equipment includes airfed blasting helmets, paintspray masks, all meeting CE approval, together with blast suits, gloves, breathing air filters and helmet air-conditioning units. In addition a helmet communication system can be provided to maintain contact between a controller and operators.


Amongst our vast range are the following groups of products:

  • Blasting helmets
  • Spares for all helmets (including lens inners, outers and intermediates).
  • Breathing air filters, cartridges and spares.




Operation Manual - Extreme/Panorama Blast Helmets Operation Manual - Extreme/Panorama Blast Helmets

Operation Manual - Airblast Astro Blast Helmet Operation Manual - Airblast Astro Blast Helmet






Helmet Air Filter for blasting


Amongst our vast range are the following products:

  • Breathing air filters
  • Cartridges
  • Spares
  • Helmet Air Conditioners
Airblast Climate Control Tube




  Airblast Catalogue - Section 4 Airblast Catalogue - Section 4

  Airblast Climate Control Tube Airblast Climate Control Tube



Blast Lights

Airblast blast lights Blast Lighting Equipment



  • Airblast provide highly reliable, durable products designed specifically for the extreme harsh environments found in abrasive blasting, painting and tank-cleaning operations.
  • They design and supply a full range of portable, low-voltage, explosion proof lighting systems for use in industrial and marine applications worldwide.



  • This 12 volt light provides a highly concentrated output of light, leaving the operator both hands free to operate at maximum efficiency.

    Main features:
    Highly concentrated output of light, the unit fully illuminates the area on which blasting is taking place.



  • High intensity, sturdy, adjustable, flexible and lightweight for compact carrying or storage.
  • Available with three different stand options and in 110 V or 220 V execution.




Product Leaflet - Blast Lights Product Leaflet - Blast Lights


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