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- cleaning and finishing solutions



- unbeatable for quality and flexibility



Recognised worldwide as the highest quality available, Guyson Euroblast® systems come in an extensive range of sizes with a variety of options on blast guns and nozzles, turntables, cyclones and filtration systems. Available as suction feed or pressure feed, depending on your requirements.

The range is highly versatile, with exceptional component entry and handling systems being available.



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Euroblast 7PF pressure feed system
with pressure pot, cyclone reclamator and dust collector.





Wheelmaster - New Product - for etching alloy wheels


This new blast system has been specifically designed for blast etching alloy wheels, and incorporates many application specific handling features that enable the operator to use this wheel blasting system safely, without heavy lifting.

The blasting process produces an even finish with easy sweeps across the wheel surface and, unlike traditional disc sanders, it allows both easy penetration of the blast media stream between the spokes and also very precise localised etching if required. It also provides a fast and even light etching to remove only the chipped lacquer on virtually new wheels, whilst being capable of etching right back to bare metal if required.

  • Specifically designed cabinet allows loading and unloading of the wheel without any heavy lifting
  • Very time efficient compared to labour intensive manual cleaning methods
  • Suction or pressure feed options to match application requirements and budgets
  • Ideal business opportunity for bringing the blast process in-house and adding value


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Guyson Wheelmaster - for etching alloy wheels







- perfect for light to medium industrial applications


The Formula range is ideal for light/medium industrial use and offers alternative cabinet sizes and options at competitive prices.

F1400 and F1600 models are suitable for small workshops, garages and maintenance departments. The F2000 is available for larger components.




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Range brochure


Guyson Formula F1200

Formula F1200 -
bench top machine with optional microblast facilities.


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Guyson Formula F1400

Formula F1400 - the ideal industrial workshop machine.


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The Formula 2000

The Formula 2000

The F2000 (left and far left) has a flip-up top for easy insertion of bulky parts by forklift or hoist.


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- for medical products



The Mediblast 1400 stainless steel blast cabinet has been specially engineered for medical product manufacturers, laboratories etc, where the introduction of ferrous contamination must be avoided.

The entire cabinet is manufactured from high quality 316L stainless steel, and the powerful model 900 blast gun has both a polyurethane body and a stainless air control jet, making the Mediblast 1400 ideal for a broad range of medical surface preparation, finishing and cleaning applications.

Contact us for further information on our automated medical blast equipment.

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Mediblast 1400 leaflet

Mediblast - for medical products





Euroblast Select


- variable height for optimum operator comfort


Ideal for multi-operator workshops, the cabinet height is adjustable. Operators of varied height can select their most comfortable arm access, viewing position and footpedal location to stand comfortably without crouching or overreaching.Avoiding discomfort and reducing fatigue, the Select thus allows longer working sessions and increased productivity.

The Guyson Select is available in two sizes, Select 4
and Select 6, both with choice of suction or pressure feed.


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Euroblast Select 6 SF




Euroblast GL

- for flat glass decoration



The newly-styled Euroblast GL range of manual sand blasting cabinets has been specially designed for decorators of flat glass to handle most sizes and weights of flat glass. Typical usage includes frosted windows, internal glass panels, door panel decoration, decorative insignia and corporate branding.

The Guyson Euroblast GL range incorporates three models, 4GL, 6GL and 8GL, each with an efficient dust collector.


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Euroblast GL



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