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There is a wide range of applications for the impact treatment within the iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, shipbuilding, structural steel fabrications and many other metalworking industries that rely on blast treatment in the manufacture of high quality products.


Surface Preparation

Abrasives are used to create sufficient roughness required to give a good key and perfect adherence of coatings (enamelling plastics, rubber bonding, paint, metallisation, re-coating).


Shot Peening

This process is designed to improve the fatigue strength of products which suffer variable stresses in use (e.g., springs, torsion bars and stabilisers. con-rods, gears, turbines, shafts).


Scale Removal

Abrasives are used for cleaning ferrous or non ferrous alloys; products from forging, stamping, die-forging, drawing and rolling or after beat treatment (e.g., pipes, sections, plates, fittings, wire).


Air Blasting

This process is utilised on any type of general fabrication where size and shape make wheel blasting inappropriate.



Abrasives are used for the removal of burrs arising during injection moulding of metallic products (e.g., aluminium alloys, rubber resins).



Abrasives are used for the aesthetic treatment of some materials (e.g., engraving on glass, artificial ageing of wood).