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Aqueous spray washing equipment for a wide variety of washing, precision cleaning, degreasing, rinsing and drying applications.

We will be pleased to offer you our engineering expertise and advice on the selection of the right machine for the job. We always base our recommendations on our customers' specific process requirements, including component handling and production throughput, as well as the configuration of the specific components they want to wash, and any cleanliness specification they may need to meet.


Please scroll down for a selection of typical applications undertaken with Guyson washing and degreasing equipment:


Removing cutting oils and swarf after machining operations

This Marr-Line® machine features:

  • A machine with an in-line conveyor over 5 metres in length, which is capable of carrying loads up to 150kg in total.
  • Extended in feed/out feed.
  • Specially jigged conveyor so parts can only be placed the correct way round.
  • Dedicated pneumatically operated wash and air blast at the index positions.

Removing cutting oils and swarf



Removing lubricating oils, grease and hydraulic fluids


This Marr-Line machine features:

  • Two stage conveyorised aqueous washing and drying of electrical rotors following a pressing operation prior to wire winding.
  • Up-rated conveyor drive, strengthened along its length.
  • Jigged indexing conveyor.
Removing lubricating oils, grease and hydraulic fluids



Removing contaminants and shop soil prior
to assembly or coating operations


This Orbit parts cleaning machine features:

  • Cost competitive solution for degreasing flap actuation gears in production machining cells and during service overhauls for aircraft components.
  • 100 litres per minute stainless steel wash pump.
  • 100 litre wash tank.
  • Air knife.
Removal of contaminants and shop soil prior



Cleaning plastic tote bins


This Marr-Line machine features:

  • Three stage washing and drying system.
  • Variable conveyor speed to provide longer washing and drying times when necessary.
  • Five air knives in a dedicated air wash compartment.
  • Power operated roller conveyor with return to front layout.
Cleaning plastic tote bins

Inter-stage component cleaning


This Formula 750 component cleaning system features:

  • A spraying and flushing action that is highly effective for complex castings and machined components.
Inter-stage component cleaning

Precision cleaning of automotive components


This Gyroforce machine features:

  • Spray jets working on the component 100% of the time with an effective spraying and flushing action that is ideal for complex castings and machined components with deep blind holes.
  • A drying technique that could save €5,000 per year in energy consumption when compared to a 3kW blower with 6kW in-line heater and/or a continuous compressed air blower drying system.
  • Ability to clean differently shaped components without major change of fixturing.
Precision cleaning of automotive components

Washing and drying prior to blast cleaning operations


This integrated Marr-Line and in-line Multiblast® system features:

  • A throughput rate of 33,000 units per day.
  • A three-stage (heated spray wash, rinse and dry) Guyson Marr-Line and a Guyson Multiblast® through system.
  • Removal of all surface contamination from dirt and pressing oil residues prior to the application of a superfine, low profile keying surface finish.
Washing and drying prior to blast cleaning operations

Washing after blast cleaning operations


This special Marr-Line machine features:

  • A specialist washer/drier for washing off residual blast media and dust, and the drying of perfume bottles after they have been cosmetically enhanced with a fine blast etch.
  • A dedicated component holding system, featuring a chain drive through the wash and dry areas.
  Washing after blast cleaning operations


The machine types chosen above were dictated by component volumes, size, weight and budget, but our range includes:

Marr-Line - conveyorised tunnel washer/drier
Gyroforce - indexing carousel washer/drier
Orbit - rotary basket washer
Formula 750 - compact rotary table washer
Formula 950 - rotary drum washer/drier
Allkajet - submerged spray wash rotary basket wash/rinse/dry

For more details, please see our Wash Equipment page.

Whilst many applications involve removing oils, some customers use our machines to spray oil onto components to preserve the surface or prevent contamination.