Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment From Cryonomic

What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Dry Ice Cleaning is a blasting technique similar to sand blasting, but makes use of solid CO2 or dry ice pellets. On impact the pellets vaporize to carbon dioxide gas and increase in volume by a factor of 700. Due to this expansion the contaminant is lifted and separated from the base material.

The advantage of using dry ice pellets as blasting material is twofold:

1. The very low temperature of the dry ice pellets (-78°C or -109°F) causes the contamination to freeze and contract resulting in the easy detachment of the contaminant from the substrate.
2. The dry ice pellets vaporize to carbon dioxide gas on impact, which means that only the original contaminant is left for disposal. This natural evaporation of dry ice pellets is a major advantage of the dry ice cleaning method.

The main advantages of our Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment are:

  • Generates up-time: substantially reducing downtime by eliminating the need to strip down and reassemble machinery parts.

  • Eliminates the need for detergents or chemicals to degrease.

  • Is non-abrasive compared to sand and grit blasting or cleaning with brushes.

  • Environmentally friendly: the removal of stubborn contaminated layers without generating waste.

  • Compact and versatile: the cleaning equipment can be taken to the large object to be cleaned, not the other way round.

  • Dry Ice Cleaning can be used where water, sand or other cleaning products are not allowed: Dry Ice Blasting is a suitable technique for use on electrical machines and in the food industry.

The COB Dry Ice Blaster

  • Focused cleaning

  • Low to medium pressure applications

  • Excellent manoeuver-ability

CIP Series

  • Hydraulic pelletiser

  • Fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurised tank

The CAB Dry Ice Blaster

  • Fast cleaning

  • Cleans large areas

  • Medium to high pressure applications

  • Ideal for Contract Cleaners

CIC Series

  • Containers are robust

  • Well insulated

  • Can store the CO2 pellets for several days