Kerry Ultrasonic Equipment

Kerry Ultrasonic Equipment

Guyson manufactures 'Kerry' ultrasonic precision cleaning and degreasing equipment for many applications. Using our extensive knowledge and experience we will help you select the most appropriate system for your needs.

‘Kerry’ ultrasonic cleaning equipment includes both aqueous and solvent systems. Aqueous ultrasonic baths, ultrasonic tanks and 2-3 stage systems are normally used for lower volume cleaning; Microsolve and Microclean systems can handle high throughput and may be automated. Submersible transducers can be supplied with tank or retro-fitted to an existing process.


Kerry Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, manufactured by Guyson, are provide fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. 

Kerry cleaning baths and tanks have many applications such as production cleaning, refurbishment, and maintenance of tools and components. For more information on our range of Kerry products, or to request a quotation, please get in contact with us.

  • Precision cleaning - jewellery, clock and watch parts

  • Optical lenses and frames

  • Tattoo guns

  • Maintenance cleaning

  • Smaller manufactured parts

  • Dental and surgical equipment

  • Printed circuit boards

  • Laboratory cleaning - science labs, schools and colleges

  • Removal of supports on 3D printed prototypes.

  • Cleaning of production residues

  • Equipment maintenance

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