Powerblast International design and manufacture a complete range of standard and custom built blast cleaning rooms and enclosures.
With a standard range of containerised rooms in 20, 30 or 40ft, or the option of self-build packages, any size component can be catered for.
A wide selection of abrasive recovery floors and dust collection systems are available to suit any size room. Sweep in systems powered by compressed air are available off the shelf with built in abrasive cleaning and capacities of 2 or 4 tonnes per hour recovery rates.
Fully automatic floors with screw conveyers, bucket elevators, and storage hoppers can be supplied to customer specifications or customised in self-assembly kits with drawings.

Containerised Blast Rooms

Power Blast are the pioneers in containerised Shotblast Rooms and Finishing Booths and produced their first facility over 25 years ago.
Since the first ISO container conversion, the range has been expanded to include:

Standard Container Blast Room: 20'0 x 30'0 x 40'0 x 8'0 wide and 8'6"/9'6" high with semi or fully automatic abrasive recovery.

Custom Built Containers: up to 50'0 long, 14'0 wide and 12'0 high with semi or fully automatic abrasive recovery. Handling equipment – either rail bogies or overhead cranes can be incorporated as required.

Double Container Units: For extra wide facilities up to 20'0 in width units can be manufactured and transported as 2 x single units and joined together on site. These can be fitted with semi or fully automatic abrasive recovery floor.

Complete Finishing Plant: In addition to shotblasting rooms, paint spraying and curing processes can also be handled to provide a total facility.

Custom-Built Blast Rooms

For requirements that cannot be met by containerised facilities, Power Blast are able to design, manufacture and install on site a wide range of permanent facilities.

Self-Built Blast Rooms

If you have an available area or enclosure, or wish to construct one yourselves, Power Blast can provide all the necessary equipment together with arrangement drawings.
All that is required are the basic room dimensions and the equipment package normally comprises:

  • Power Blast Machine

  • Abrasive Recovery and Cleaning System

  • Dust Collection Unit

  • Lighting

  • Lining

  • Electrical Control

We have engineers who are able to assist in installation, commissioning and operator training on completion. Please contact us for any further information.

Dust Collection Units

The single most expensive item in a shotblasting room is the ventilation system and to ensure a well-ventilated room with good visibility and rapid dust clearance, the sizing of the dust collector is critical (beware of low price undersizing).

Abrasive Recovery Systems


The Semi-Automatic or Sweep Up System where the spent abrasive is moved to a floor recovery hopper and the material is lifted and cleaned in a grit recovery unit.


A partial recovery system which utilises an underfloor screw conveyor into which the abrasive is swept and which uses a bucket elevator for lifting and cleaning the abrasive.


A fully automatic system when 100% of the floor area is recovered using a series of screw conveyors set below floor level or within a low profile steel framework located at floor level.

For more information on our blast rooms and  recovery units get in contact with us.

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