Electronics Inc

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Electronics Incorporated (EI) manufactures and distributes products that improve the quality and control of shot peening and blast cleaning processes.
The EI product line includes shot peening and blast cleaning flow controls, monitors, MagnaValves® for air and wheel blast machines, Almen gages and certified Almen test strips.
EI currently holds 14 U.S. Patents relating to shot peening control technology. EI's products are used worldwide in aerospace, automotive, medical, and many other manufacturing applications.

Shot Peening

Regulate the flow of steel shot with the MagnaValve®

Benefits of a MagnaValve

  • Maintenance free—no moving parts

  • Cost savings from the efficient use of media and lower media disposal fees

  • Many control options available to suit your application

  • No risk of machine malfunction due to running out of shot during procedure

  • Confidence that your product was shot peened properly

  • Compliance to specifications is readily attainable

  • Requires less operator time

  • Available in 24 Vdc and 120 Vac models

  • Works with most steel media sizes

  • Environmentally responsible—conserves energy and media (less media in landfills)

  • Over 26 years of proven performance in the field

  • Trusted by OEMs and end-users worldwide

Benefits of a MagnaValve

MagnaValves use a strong permanent magnet and electro-magnet design to regulate the flow of steel shot in shot peening machines. When no power is applied to the MagnaValve, the permanent magnet stops all flow. With power applied, the magnetic field is neutralized and shot is allowed to flow through the valve.
There are no moving parts in the MagnaValve so there is nothing to break or wear-out. The MagnaValves for wheel blast machines may be used with amperage control (no built-in sensor) or flow control using a built-in sensor. The MagnaValves used on air type machines have a built-in sensor to show the actual shot flow rate in lbs/minute or kg/minute. MagnaValves work with cast steel shot and grit, cut wire shot and stainless steel cut wire shot. The valves will NOT work with stainless steel cast shot or other non-ferrous media.

What a MagnaValve will do for your shot peening processes

The MagnaValve will give your shot peening processes the edge you need in today’s quality-driven markets. The MagnaValve provides reliable, repetitive, and consistent shot peening and blast cleaning and you can be confident that you will always have the proper media flow rate. The MagnaValve also lets you document flow rate so you can record the data for a SPC program and quickly and easily establish or repeat a good set-up.
With this much control, compliance to military and aerospace specifications is readily attainable.

Electronics In. manufactures 110 Vac and 24 Vdc compatible MagnaValves. The MagnaValve’s ability to work with 24 Vdc power meets the worldwide progression toward lower voltage for safety. It also enables us to reduce the size and weight of our products, allowing the controls to fit into smaller electrical cabinets.

Blast Cleaning

Regulate the flow of steel shot with the MagnaValve®
The MagnaValve is maintenance-free, rugged, economical and efficient. The MagnaValve is a hardworking magnetic valve with no moving parts, nothing to break, nothing to bring your blast cleaning job to a halt.
Apply power and the MagnaValve's magnetic field is neutralized and shot flows through the valve. With no power, the permanent magnet stops all flow.
Maintenance crews and production managers appreciate its dependability and ease-of-use. Because the valve gives you a level of control not possible with a mechanical valve, you will enjoy a cost savings from reduced media usage and lower media disposable fees. The MagnaValve also cuts energy costs since it optimizes the load on large horsepower motors and thereby reduces energy consumption.

More reasons why the MagnaValve is better than any other media valve

  • Provides highly controllable shot flow rates to each wheel

  • Numerous control options

  • Precision electronic flow adjustment when required

  • Consistent wheel motor loadings ensure shot intensity is the same day after day

  • No risk of flooding the wheel housing due to shot leakage

  • Works with most steel shot including cut wire shot, cast steel shot and grit, and stainless steel cut wire shot

  • Available for wheel blast and air blast machines

  • 24 Vdc and 110 Vac models

  • Easily retrofitted to older machines

  • Over 26 years of proven performance in the field by OEMs and end-users