Blast Equipment – Automatic

Multiblast® automated blast systems with multiple guns are designed and engineered to ensure a high level of process and machine control. This ensures an accurate, consistent and uniform finish to every part. By eliminating the variations inevitable in hand processing, component quality, cost control and productivity can be dramatically increased.
With Guyson’s extensive range of automated systems we are able to carefully match the machine to your production flow requirements - the systems can be designed as rotary or reciprocating machines returning the parts to the load station, as in-line systems moving the components on to the next process, or as batch systems for tumble blasting small components.

The optional Kerry Guysonic generator with Primewave controls provides switchable dual frequency (36/66 kHz@10%) and variable power control.
Other options include level sensor, pumped filtration, heating to the immersion rinse, deionised water spray rinse, and raising stand.

Multiblast® RXS900
This machine was produced for Bang & Olufsen A/S. An automatic rotary table surface finishing system produces a consistent, low profile, matt finish on shaped aluminium tubes prior to anodising.
The final product was used in a range of cordless aluminium telephones and remote controls.

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Multiblast® RSB
The Guyson Multiblast® RSB is equipped with a single rotary work spindle on which the component is placed, usually in a specially designed fixture, and loaded by hand or by robot.

Multiblast® RSB machines have been installed for a wide range of applications, including deburring turbochargers, preparation of tooling prior to PVD coating, surface conditioning on medical implants prior to ceramic coating, peening of precision gears for the aircraft industry - and the list could go on.

Multiblast® TR and TRR
Multiblast® TR and TRR blast machines are used where high volumes are required and the component shape or physical size dictates a straight pass in-line through the blast chamber.
Multiblast® TR machines are designed to pass the components through the system, exiting at the back of the machine to an off-load position.
Multiblast® TRR machines pass components through then return them to the start position, either receiving further blasting or air washing on the return or simply passing through the blast chamber to off load.

Multiblast® EB1 Endless Belt
The Multiblast® EB1 can be used with hard, fast-cutting abrasives such as aluminium oxide, soft plastic media or low density glass bead.
This is the ideal machine for saturation blast finishing of high volumes of small components. Components are gently tumbled at constant speed under an air powered blast stream on a perforated abrasion resistant rubber belt.

Guyson's range of Tumbleblast® machines includes the T40 and T50, which offer cost effective blast finishing for batch processing. Tumbleblast systems are ideal for cleaning, deburring, deflashing, cosmetic finishing or surface treatment on small metal components such as screws, bolts, nuts, washers, circlips, fastenings etc.

  • Fast cycle times

  • Repeatable process quality

  • Safe and easy to operate